The T-fenders are an enhancement of the popular D-fender. The T-fender has been designed with an overlap in order to avoid direct impact between monopiles and vessel. Furthermore, the friction is remarkable when berthing the monopiles, in part due to a strong rubber mixture and in part due to the cross grooved pattern which quickly drains away the water. This means that the film of water which minimizes the friction, the so-called aquaplaning effect, will be avoided.

The assembly plates have been vulcanized to the T-fenders enabling them to be easily mounted and replaced. Resulting in a prolonged durability of the fender as a consequence of the absent drilling holes and the fact that the bolt will not tear the fender from inside.

RG Seasight Fenders produce the T-fender system in different sizes, in standard and customized lengths depending on whether a vertical or horizontal assembly is required.