RG Seasight Fenders build high efficiency fender systems for all different types of vessels including single hulls, catamarans, triamarans and SWATH vessels. Dimensioning and construction are worked out individually for every vessel according to its design, deplacement, bollard pull and of course the boat landings. Furthermore, the mounting construction is designed and built in a way that allows for fast and easy exchange of the fender.

To meet every scenario, we have also developed a concrete fender system for vessels supporting wind turbines with a concrete foundation.

Every bow fender undergoes a pressure test before leaving the factory. During the test the fender is exposed to pressure between one to twenty tons showing the energy absorption of the fender. The results are registered in a line chart which is delivered to the customer along with the fender. Furthermore, we offer to install hoist hooks and yellow security markings on the fender, which we will adjust according to the given needs.