Life at sea is tough and even high-quality fenders will be worn down eventually. We can repair your fender and also rebuild it if is to be used on a new type of wind turbine. A rubber fender from RG Seasight Fenders is not a use and throw-away fender. Regardless whether the fender has been damaged, worn down or if it is to be used on a new type of wind turbine, we can rebuild it or modify it.

The fender is not a decoration; it is a work tool that’s put to a substantial and continuous amount of pressure in effect ensuring it to wear down. Even our fenders that are built from an especially strong rubber type and build to withstand pressure will be worn down. Our production methods are therefore constructed so that we can repair or change a fender within a short while. In most cases we only need the fender in our care for 48 hours.

All in all it’s an effective and profitable solution that adds up to most possible days at sea and the fewest costs for the conversions.