Our D-fenders ensure safe and smooth landing at wind turbines; also under difficult conditions. The RG Seasight Fenders D-fenders give your vessel an outstanding impact to energy absorption and grip when landing at wind turbines. Especially when the fenders are mounted vertically, the fenders give a much better absorption than a traditional D-fender. Our D-fender system enables you to choose the size of the fenders to exactly match your vessel.

Additionally, the D-fenders are offered with different fitting options in order to be easily mounted or replaced. We have designed a construction with a bolt and plate moulded inside the fender. The bolts are placed according to your wishes. Consequently, there will be no holes in the fender for mounting purposes giving a much larger impact by shock-absorption.

The fenders are constructed in our usual high quality rubber for excellent sea water resistance, resistance to ozone and ultraviolet rays, which enhances the durability of the fenders under the severe working conditions.