RG Care

RG Seasight Fenders provide three different maintenance packages to ensure that the fender is kept in optimum condition, and that the fender has as many days at sea as possible. This also means that the crew transferring vessels can be kept in optimum operation at all times and that damages can be repaired without delay.

RG Seasight Fenders have more than thirty years of experience in vulcanized rubber for extreme weather conditions at sea, which is the key to the construction with focus on safety and durability. Furthermore the rubber fenders from RG Seasight Fenders are constructed so that they can always be rebuilt and brought back to the original condition even after damages.


RG Seasight Fenders guarantee to have the materials in stock and the resources available in order to bring back the fender to its optimum condition and have it ready for delivery 48 hours after receiving it at the factory.


RG Seasight Fenders carry out the service at the customer’s address. By normal wear of the grooves, these will be grooved immediately. Major repairs will not be covered.


The fender will be returned to our factory as needed where RG Seasight Fenders carry out service, renovation and replacement of outer surface.
All costs for materials and resources are included in RG CARE 3.

The three packages can be selected individually; however RG Seasight Fenders offer to prolong the guarantee on the fender when purchasing all three packages. The packages can be arranged according to the needs of the individual customer. By divided fender systems it is of course possible to get RG CARE only for the main fender and choose not to include the side fenders.

Be aware of the guaranty for bringing the fender system back to new condition does not apply to negligence in connection with use. In addition, subject to force majeure.