Polyurethane Bow Fenders

A polyurethane bow fender is a perfect solution for smaller vessels. The lightweight polyurethane is an excellent alternative to the heavier rubber material.

Polyurethane Bow Fenders

The polyurethane bow fender is a lightweight version of the traditional bow fender. A polyurethane bow fender is made for smaller vessels that can’t carry the weight of the heavier rubber fenders.

We tailor-make the individual polyurethane bow fender to match your vessel and the dimensioning and construction can be carried out in accordance with the boat landing.

Our ambition is to always make polyurethane bow fenders that will last for a long, long time.

However, we know that a bow fender is always (in some ways) a work in progress as it is dependent on changes in use and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we are able to adjust and repair your polyurethane bow fender along the way.

In this way it will have a longer lifespan and make your investment more profitable.